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MEDIDENT SDN BHD was incorporated on 5th October 2021 in Registrar of Companies, Brunei Darussalam. The company is established with the aim to serve the testing and analytical field in the Brunei industries. The company specialised in providing research and routine testing equipment/analyser for the medical, academic institutions and chemical and oil and gas industries.


To provide the best solution in the field of testing with our knowledge-based expertise.


To be the best and preferred partner in the testing and analytical industry.

Products & Services

Medident Sdn Bhd carries a range of product for laboratory testing such as chromatography and spectroscopy system, customised research equipment for high institutions, general laboratory equipment, field testing analyser, laboratory consumables and reference materials and chemicals. We also provide services such as equipment calibrations, consultancy in laboratory design, ISO accreditation training and laboratory out sourcing testing services.

Brand Partners

Our product brand partners with facilities situated in regional and worldwide.


We have a team of staffs with the right expertise in our organisation ranging from office administrator, accountant, sales executives, application and product specialist and service engineer. Most of them possess a tertiary academic qualification in administration, accounting, science and engineering.

Staff Experience

Our sales team has experience ranging from 4 - 8 years in sales of laboratory equipment, consumable supplies, laboratory design and management consultancy.

Our product and application specialist and engineer have a vast knowledge and skilled in many analytical equipment for testing laboratory, research and portable field systems. Some of them has over 15 years of experience in chromatography (GC, HPLC, UHPLC), spectroscopy (UV-VIS, FTIR, RAMAN, NIR), mass spectrometer (GCMS, GCMSMS, LCMS, LCMSMS, LC-TOF) and elemental analyser (IC, AAS, ICP-OES, ICPMS, XRD, XRF) and Microscopy (Fluorescence, Polarizing system), Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).